2024大台南國際音樂大賽2023-12-05 - 2023-12-20開放報名!

Application Form


◎Date and Place:

* Saturday, March 9, 2024

Items:Woodwind and Brass Instruments(Flute、Oboe、Clarinet、Bassoon、Trumpet、French Horn、Trombone、Euphonium、Saxophone、Flute Ensemble (4 players)、Saxophone Quartet、Wood Wind Quintet、Brass Quintet)

Place:臺南文化中心 Yuan Sheng Theater, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center/

          臺南文化中心 International Conference Hall, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

* Saturday, March10, 2024

Item:Piano Solo

Place:臺南文化中心 Performance Hall, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

* Sunday, March 10, 2024

Items:Traditional Chinese instruments(Pi-Pa、Liu-Qin、Yang-Qin、Gu-Zheng、Gu-Qin、Ruan-Xian、Erhu、Chinese Flute、Shrng、Suona、Xiao、Gaohu、Zhonhu、Cello Solo、Double Bass Solo)

Place:臺南文化中心 Yuan Sheng Theater, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center/

          臺南文化中心 International Conference Hall, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center


*Saturday, March 16, 2024~Sunday, March17, 2024

  Item:Piano Solo、Piano Four-Hand

  Place:臺南文化中心 Performance Hall, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

臺南文化中心 Yuan Sheng Theater, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

* Saturday, March 16, 2024

  Item:Violin Solo,Violin Ensemble (4 players)

  Place:臺南市德光中學 Good Shepherd Hall, Deguang Catholic High School, Tainan /

       臺南文化中心 International Conference Hall, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

* Sunday, March 17, 2024

  Items:Viola Solo、Cello Solo、Double Bass Solo,Chamber Music:Piano Trio, Piano Quartet, Piano Quintet、String Quartet

  Place:臺南文化中心 Yuan Sheng Theater, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

         臺南文化中心 International Conference Hall, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

* Sunday, March 17, 2024

  Items:Recorder Solo、Recorder Duet、Trio、Quartet、Quintet

  Place:臺南市德光中學 Good Shepherd Hall, Deguang Catholic High School, Tainan

臺南文化中心 Tainan Municipal Cultural Center:

Address : No. 332, Chunghua E. Rd. Sec. 3, East Dist., Tainan City Taiwan

臺南市德光中學 Deguang Catholic High School:

Address : No.189, Chongde Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan

◎Competition Approaches:

1. Every music lover is welcome to participate in this competition regardless of the age, nationality, and occupation, individual or in group

2. This competition is a direct final contest. In order for each participant to get ready early and give full play to his professional skill, there is no specific repertoire but self-chosen one for every musical instrument in the competition. Please note that the self-chosen repertoire must be played by memory. ( chamber music groups, string and wind music ensemble excluded).  The organizer reserves the right to increase or decrease or interrupt the playing time. The length of playing time will not affect the scoring.


1. In order to provide participants a complete service and easy obtaining of information, only online registration is accepted.  For more details please visit our website at & and download the application procedures, competition approaches, notices, schedule and program brochure.

2. Application procedures include basic personal information, participating group, and self-chosen repertoire, etc. After completing the required information, please select your payment method, and print the confirmation page (with registration number, please save it for future inquiry).  Application procedures are completed when your payment is done.  For any technical problems on the computer operation, please call us during work hours from Monday to Friday at 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00, Tel : 886-6-3310700 (Taiwan) ,


3. Two weeks prior to the competition, the organizer will send out the Participating ID together with the relevant information regarding to the registration information.  The participants are required to bring the Participating ID to the registration desk on the day of competition.  Participants without a Participating ID are not allowed to play in the competition.  Please notify the organizer immediately if you do not receive the Participating ID a week before the competition.

4. Please fill in the exact names and date of birth of the participants in each group.  Note: The self-chosen repertoire for piano and instrumental duet should be a fast movement from any instrumental sonatas of any musical periods.

5. Registration Fee: For solo per person NT$2,400.  For groups each group NT$4,800 (including China Life Group Personal Accident Insurance).  Each participant will get one bag with portrait of Richard Georg Strauss and a ball pen (group participants will get up to four bags per group). If the registration fee is paid in the post office cash bag, please send it by registered mail.  If it is paid with the postal money order, please put “牧群室內樂團” as the Payee for avoiding losing.).

  牧群室內樂團   Cheer Chamber Orchestra  Tel: +886-6- 3310700

  Address: No. 36, Yuhe Rd., East Dist., 70163 Tainan Taiwan

6. When a registration is confirmed, there may not be any strong reason to change the repertoire or apply to withdraw or refund.  If the participants do not show up on time on the day of competition, they are considered a forfeit. If do not agree to these terms, please do not register for competition.  Thank you for your cooperation.

◎Notes on filling the Registration Form:

1. This competition is based on the principle of good faith, and do not ask for any proof and photos in registration.  If it is verified that any information on the application form is not true, the participant will be disqualified without warning and asked to leave the event without refund.

2. For the sake of fairness, with the exception of Recorder Solo/Recorder Quartet/Violin Ensemble/piano four-hand playing/piano duet, trio, quartet, quintet/string quartet/ Flute Ensemble/Saxophone Quartet/brass quintet/ wood wind quintet/string and wind ensemble, any group below the high school level (excluding the adult group) is classified into “Group A Music Major Class” and “Group B Non-Music Major Class” . Note:  “Group A Music Major Class” may not register for” Group B Non-Music Major Class, “but ‘Group B Non-Music Major Class” may register for “Group A Music Major Class.”

3. Students may register for multiple musical instruments, but it must be registered separately, and must be indicated that they also participate in other groups, so that the organizer can make appropriate arrangement of competition time for them.   For ensemble groups, in addition to the application form for the group, each member is also asked to fill an individual application form.

4. The repertoire performed at the competition must be the same as the one filled in the application form. The repertoire cannot be changed for any reasons once the registration is confirmed.  For that reason, the participant should be very careful in selecting the repertoire.  The participant is responsible for any self-chosen repertoire that involves with Copyright.

Registration time: December 05 ~ 16, 2023.  Late applications will not be accepted.


1. The organizer reserves the right to own the copyright of any video recording of the participants’ performances in competition.  Photographing and videotaping for the participant’s self performance are allowed, but should be taken when seated and with no flash.

2. Judges for this music competition are professional music professors in universities and concert -masters in well-known orchestras.  The calculation of scores is subject to the scoring rules for standard international contests (the highest and lowest scores do not count).  The results will be announced on site when the competition of each group is completed.   There will be no other Awards Ceremony or concert this year.  The award-winning students should go to the registration desk to get their medals and prizes.  You can also ask for the comments from the judges.  To show respect to the accreditation of professional views, protests on the comments and scores will not be accepted.

3. We will provide on our website & any updates and changes concerning this competition, including weather, or other emergencies on the competition day, which may cause delays or changes to the activities.  Please check the website for any further information.  Thank you for your cooperation.

4. The 2024 National Tainan Music Competition will provide piano for participants to use during the competition. Participants in other categories are responsible to bring their own instruments to the competition.

5. Please advise that this competition will be held in an impartial, fair and open way.  

Any outstanding issues, if any, may also be settled separately.

◎Refund policy:

1. If for any reason the participant is not able to attend the competition after sending out the application, the participant may apply for cancellation and refund (with deduction of handling fee $300 NTD) before the competition application deadline 2023/12/31

2. Cancellation receiving during 2024/1/1 -1/15, $1000 handling fee will be charged.

3. Cancellation receiving after 2024/1/16 will not be accepted.

4. The organizer will send the refund with post office cash bag by registered mail.

The cancellation receiving after 2024/1/16 may be accepted under the condition listed below:

-The participant is suffering from major body injury or severe illness (please provide the diagnosis certificate or other relevant proof)

-Death of participant’s immediate family (please provide relevant proof)

-Natural weather disaster (hurricane, typhoon, earthquake and flood)

If the condition meets the criteria above, please notify the organizer immediately and send out the cancellation by email or fax. The cancellation must be received before 2024/3/17, the organizer will issue full refund with deduction of handling fee $300 NTD.